Better Days

After so many snows,

so many rains

The sun comes

The sky shines

The paths get dry…


Sunny days

People come and go

I am here

walking through my life

with thoughts of you…


Ray of sun

Invites me

Warms me

Gives me life

and I smile...


Sunny days

to cheer my soul up

to disperse problems

to remind me of love

to feed me and walk

in my illusions

dreaming again…


Sunny days

to dream of you

to wait for you

to find you

to love you...


Sunny days





everything is better...




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3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Beautiful TeP!! You can have more of those days when you come out West for a visit.

I like it a lot : )

Sunny days, thoughts of you<br />
Rainy days, thoughts of you<br />
Always! Smiles