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I am loving Maui right now, I was given the most wonderful opportunity to come here for work. And will be here from any where from several weeks to a couple of months. I like taking abstract pictures of the sunsets.They don't have to perfect for me. Please look at the rest of my pictures in my Album titled Maui, it is open to be viewed by all, you do not have to be my Friend, 


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cool.what time was the last one taken.

yeah sunrises can make early rising worth while

Wow they are as beautiful as you

Those are beautiful pix, Sweetheart! I wish I were a little closer to Maui than in Nevada!!! I would love to be friends with you and enjoy the sunsets and natures beauty with you! I can't think of anything better!

Hey great pictures, such wonder... Thank you for sharing!

Absolutely beautiful photos. Would love it if you were to add me to your circle.

Really beautiful pictures.

Fantastic photos very beautiful.