It's Only Natural

I have always loved sunrises and sunsets, even if I have not made enough time to watch them as I would have liked. Sunrises, after all, do tend to be a bit early.

I think I have watched as more sunrises after being awake all night than I have from getting up early enough to see them. This is probably not the right way to appreciate them, because I tend to see them as the end of an exciting day, rather than the beginning of a new and novel one.

Sunsets are quite irresistible. There is something undescribable about them as well, with their infinite riches of colours and their call to the coming night.

I think the affinity with the rising and the setting of the sun is something that binds all life together. Life, in all its forms,  is so dependent upon temperature and sunlight and so interconnected, that the rhythms of the day matter to everything on a fundamental level. And whilst biology texts talk about the way that birds will compete in the dawn (and evening) chorus to prove their fitness for mating and proclaim their territory, it seems to me that there is much more to it than that. Colonies and flocks will gather on rooflines and powerlines, and watch as the sun sinks low. Perhaps territoriality and mating fitness explains the competitiveness of the chorus, but it does not explain the existance of it to begin with. Life celebrates the open and close of each day, because life is tied to the cycle of dawn and dusk in a way that is beyond intimate.

And I think that any man or woman, if they close the clamouring chatter of their weary mind, will find that their deeply hidden animal spirit connects to the scene before them in a way that transcends words.
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i love to watch the sun rise and set over the sea,it doubles the brightness an blues up the skys all the more

I love the sunrise only on the weekend's because that means I don't have to go to work

Wow, that was beautiful...

Very well put. My sentiments, exactly!

Primitivist?<br />
Very nicely put, I love the sky in general, the sky is one of the most amazing things we always have available to admire, colours, clouds, the thought of all that empty space and all the people under it. I try to appreciate the sky because it’s another thing that makes me glad for the chance to exist consciously.