I find that sunsets and sunrises are just amazing. They are beautiful. They let you stop and see that this world has it's beauty no matter what is happening.  And I love taking pictures of them!!
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I have to look that up...

This may seem like an irrelevant comment, but I highly recommend that you read a small book called The Little Prince by Antoine Saint-Exupery. It is often classified as a children's book, but it is much more of an allegory with deeper meaning. The little prince loved to watch sunrises and sunsets on his little planet. It is a beautiful, but somewhat sad story about love and beauty and trust.

I saw the most stunning sunset iv ever seen in my life whilst driving my car one day. I was absolutely captivated, colours id never even seen before stretched across the sky so much so that i was starting to wonder wether id died.<br />
<br />
I was jolted into reality pretty quickly when i bumped into the car in front, hed slowed down to have a good look as well, thankfully not too much damage done. Really wish id had my camera with me, ive never seen anything like it since.<br />
<br />
I asked around a bit to see if anyone else had seen it but they hadnt, which pd me off cos i really wanted to talk about it!

I have only seen sunrise once, but love watching the sunset. I love trying to get pictures too, but think I may need to go out with a tripod to get that truly amazing shot I want.