There's Few Things As Beautiful

I really love to watch both.  I especially love the sunsets on the coast.  The reflection of the sun on the water in the distance.  The various reds, oranges, and yellows.  It's mesmerizing and somewhat hypnotizing.

Sunrises in the country are also a favorite.  Watching the sun come up over the horizon.  I also find this mesmerizing as well as somewhat hypnotizing.  To me it makes for a really great start to the day.

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5 Responses Jun 22, 2007

I love them so much; I couldn't live without them...

To be flying just above the clouds and watch them turn soft pink and then the first rays of light riccochet across the tops chasing darkness away for another day. It is mystical as well as beautiful to the most jaded eye!<br />

Talk about living art that is painted accross the sky by the world's Master Artist!! People will stand a long time at the beach watching a human who is painting a scene on canvas.<br />
But nothing is as amazing as the creative touch of the daily Painter upon the sky's canvas!!<br />
<br />

The only sunrises I've seen on water have been camping at a lake. But I've experienced seeing the sunset on the Pacific Ocean, and oh, is it ever so beautiful! I would love to see the sunriise over the ocean. I'm sure that is beautiful, too. You've definitely got to see a sunset on the ocean if you ever get a chance. You won't be sorry. Especially if it's really nice weather and warm. :)

I have always wanted to see a sunrise or sunset over water, but haven't gotten the opportunity yet. I agre that it would be an amazing way to start the day.