Sunset At Sea

While at sea when I was in the Navy I fell in love with sunsets and sunrises. Now even the simplest ones inspire me to awe.

  When at sea there is nothing to obstruct the view as sun slowly sinks into the ocean. It is as if you listen closely enough you can hear the hiss of the sun's heat meeting the coolness of the ocean's waiting embrace. The colors shaded in hues that can not be reproduced in any photograph or painting, only stored forever burned deeply into my minds eye. Oranges that are so vibrant they almost can be felt as they swirl through the air. Purples that warm the rapid departure of the days last light, and then as if to offer condolences for the loss of the sun the stars refill the skies with their precious platinum light from horizon to horizon and the reflection on the water making it appear as if i am in the middle of the heavens themselves and not drifting along the ocean's surface.

bodyart bodyart
51-55, M
Jul 14, 2007