A Cliched "New Beginning"

I live on the East Coast so I have seen many sunrises over the beaches along the Atlantic.  Everytime, I am completely fascinated with the sunrise.  As I watch a sunrise, I think to myself I wonder what today will bring.  Will it be the day that he calls?  Will it be a good hair day?  Will it be the day that I learn something new about myself?  Will my loved ones all still be here for the next sunrise?  Will I find love today?  It's a time for me to hope that if the day is beginning well that it will end well.  And even if something bad happens, it will be ok because no matter what, the sun will come up again.  That constant cycle of the sun can be so reassuring if I am in a good or bad mood.  
reachin4goals reachin4goals
31-35, F
Aug 5, 2007