Everywhere Is A Great Setting For A Sunset...all The Time!

I Love a sunset.  In the summer or fall in my neck of the woods they are spectacular.  The colors seem to touch your very soul and then rock your spirit into a kind of peacefulness you haven't felt since the last time you took a moment to enjoy ta sunset.  It is free entertainment on a tremendous viewing scale.  You could not afford the cost, not really.  A sunset is priceless. My winter sunset sometimes early in the day(because I'm in the North...but worth it, too.  The spring sunset makes you happy that the new birth is about to start again.  The spring colors are not as deep as summer & fall.  But those hues are electric.

Sunsets remind you that you are alive.  And, you should be making every effort to enjoy them and your life, also.  After all they are both great & wonderful gifts of the Creator, bestowed upon us...ENJOY!  ENJOY! ENJOY! YAY!! bEARHUGS, livingwell
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Thank you...sunrises are gorgeous, too! Hugs, LW

thank you for reminding me of the beauty of this world

I am so glad Bluetraveler. I think dometimes they actually can heal you in many ways, spiritually, mentally, tec... Hugs, livingwell

Out here in California, we have some wonderful sunsets over the ocean. I have some nice photos of some of them. In my mother's final years she and my dad used to drive down by the coast every afternoon and watch the sunset. I think that was one of her greatest sources of joy when she was battling cancer.

They are lovely...just breath taking... HUGS

sunset is really cool to watch with, I would love to take photos of them

I love to watch the sunset too. I feel it's energy of peace and time to rest the day and ourself. I'm watching it as I write.This summer has been so hot with blinding sun all day long. The sunset brings a bit of coolness..what a relief.

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