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Super Glue And Sex!

I have had nightmares where my boyfriend tells me he accidentally used super glue instead of lube! How would you like to hear that in bed?

I should tell you where those nightmares came from. I had an ex-boyfriend who liked to play with super glue. He glued the battery compartment of a vibrator closed with fresh batteries inside and glued the switch in the maximum position before using a chain to lock it inside me. Then he handcuffed my hands behind me around a light post and squirted super glue in the key holes and left me standing like that naked on a street corner.

NewChrissy NewChrissy 26-30, F 10 Responses Mar 6, 2010

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I had good friend who superglued her lawyer husband's **** to his stomach while he slept after she caught him cheating with another woman. The worst part was when he went to the hospital for treatment where he was a member of the board of directors. Hey make me a friend, if 86 years old is mature enuf!
You are my kind of girl, I'm now a lesbian, thay's all i can do!

My wife would use it when she dressed me in drag. She would glue my **** between my balls and give me a mangina, She sometimes would stretch my **** when it was soft apply the superglue and push my ****, its tiny, inside me .

Didn't that hurt when you were pulling your **** loose later? Ouch!!

She used a thing like nail polish remover, and it hurt like hell. It would usually take a day or two.

What happened next???? ......

Dear, I was sixteen years old! Underage. So I decided it was prudent not to post what happened next here on EP. (Friends may ask me for the details in a private message.)

I would love you to friend me and send me the details

I've had my knuckles rapped for some of my stories. I'd love to share with you.

My wife and I discussed and ultimately rejected the idea of pulling the lips of her vagina far to each side and super glueing them so when she flashed her ***** to strangers they could see the wet interior of her *****.

Hey so I've been reading some of your stories and I love how kinky you are. In fact I like your stories so much I've almost came to a couple of them. I would love if you could add me and go more into depth about some of those stories that you didnt finish. I especially like this, and the ashley one ;) message me sometime

That's sweet but you don't need to worry about me. In my experiences (positive or otherwise, even being "raped") I refuse to adopt a "victim mentality". All things considered my boyfriend gave me a big thrill and a great adventure and a fun story to tell and even better fantasies leading to many ******* since then!

Well, he likely thought you were going to love the experience as much as him. That was one risky trick to play on you. Not something that anyone should try. The thought of the glue sicking your privates together makes me shiver. Glad you were not hurt.<br />
<br />
I guess you could have glued his hand to his **** while he was sleeping.....not.<br />
What did you do for payback?

No way! Mixing up super glue & lube would be bad news.

I was well & truly caught but believe me there was lots of erotic thrill from not knowing how many people were going to see me like that, or who, or what was going to happen before I was free & covered up again!<br />
<br />
Which turned out to be quite a while because of the super glue blocking the key holes on the handcuffs!!<br />
<br />
The vibrator going at maximum right where it counted the most and people seeing what it was doing to me without my being able to stop it made sure that I was kept aroused & embarrassed & struggling!!!<br />
<br />
I don't think I actually climaxed -- I'm not sure what to call that kind of prolonged ****** but it was emotional & intense and just kept building & building & building as strangers gathered around me trying to "help", and the police rolled up with lights flashing and started talking with me while inspecting me & handling me trying to figure out what to do, and then the TV crew arrived with their news cameras pointing at me -- I'll never forget it!!!!<br />
<br />
And yes, I did get payback!!!!! (My friends helped me. What would you have done to him?)

There's a lot more to that story but that's enough to explain why I have sex dreams about super glue! See here for more details: deleted all groups &amp; forum posts when they purchased The hi5 link is now dead. It was a question asking if anyone had appeared on TV. I don't have everyone else's answers, those are gone. But here is what I posted:

Aug 6, 2008 7:21 PM: Before I was an adult (after I became an adult is an entirely different story!) I'd only been on local TV. I appeared in several commercials during the summer between 10th &amp; 11th Grade, I was in a lot of game footage as a Cheerleader in High School, and in my Junior year there was a video of me on the evening news (they blurred out my face &amp; front naughty bits but showed my entire bottom clearly as I was being walked to the police car!) when an ex-boyfriend handcuffed my arms behind me around a lamp post and then ******** me and left me standing naked on a busy street corner! The bastard even squirted super glue in the key holes!!! (At least I hope it only made the local news broadcasts -- did anyone else hear about it?) They called him my "unknown assailant" because I didn't want things to get complicated so I told the police that I didn't know who had attacked me. Do you think I should have turned him in? This way my friends &amp; I got to take sweet revenge on him later. There's a lot more to both parts of the story but the rest doesn't have anything to do with my being on TV. Ask me privately if you're interested. By the way, everyone at school the next day had figured out that it was me. I was so embarrassed!!!