Superhero Limericks

we had to write limericks in class, and seeing as I'm a major superhero geek, i suddenly found myself typing out random superhero rhymes. here is my fully unedited, suckish work so far;

Gotham, the city of mess,

People always in distress,

Then out of the dark,

Where criminals lark,

Comes Bruce Wayne as Batman no less.

About the Flashes, there are four*,

Jay, Barry, Wally and more,

Through the streets they fly,

On land not in sky,

Their lightning will slam you right down through the floor.


Not many kids see their parents die,

I was unlucky, gunshot was why,

I wanted revenge,

For the blood and the stenge,

Bruce Wayne into Batman, Batman am I.


There was a reporter called Kent,

Who metal he easily bent,

He made his escape,

In red pants and cape,

Into the sky, Supes went.




Tony’s a very rich man,

The sky his tower does span,

His suite flies like a jet,

He beats bad guys? You bet!

His critics call him a tin can!


A young prince from Asgard there was,

Who was to become king because,

His brother Loki,

Was not deemed worthy,

But banished to earth rude Thor was.


When angry this man will turn green,

And smash everything he has seen,

Whether it is a pet,

Or a giant jumbo jet,

Bruce Banner will turn pretty mean.


Brought up as a Russian assassin,

Natasha does her job, well, smashin’,

She once took on hulk,

But was knocked by his bulk,

To train up her skills she must hasten.


Captain America’s great,

With Bucky as his first mate,

He fought the red skull,

Who’s life he did dull,

Then froze himself sev’ty  years straight.

*i know there aren't really four flashes, i counted Bart Allen (impulse) as another flash

there's probably way more mistakes, but if there are, i haven't noticed them yet.
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I'm looking back on this a year later *groan & face-palm*