My Feelings Of Superheroism

I have a lot of favorites in superhero world. There are the infamous and legendary superhero iconic favorites such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Aquaman, Flash, various X-Men characters, Fantastic 4. There are also favorites that are old but not iconic such as Rainbow Brite, various Generation X characters, Supergirl, Powerpuff Girls, Static Shock.

I, years ago, was channel surfing. I happened upon a superhero movie I thought was a female version of Spiderman. Well, I absolutely love Spiderman, so I watched some of it. It is called Spider Babe.

The language was horrible. No big deal. Hollywood has been putting that language in its projects for many years. I'll just mute it and watch it like a silent movie. I could still follow the movie even though I couldn't hear it and even though it didn't have the words typed. It showed the girl who later transformed as Spider Babe stark naked. No biggie. Hollywood has artistic nudity. Keep watching. It answered my question of what a bikini wax looks like. Just keep watching. Surely Spiderwoman cannot be lousy entertainment cause Spiderman is iconic. Right?

Spider Babe steps into the wrestling ring with her sexy, gothic Spider Babe outfit. It shows a very explicit girl-on-girl scene with her kissing and sucking her opponent's boobs. Um, okay. Not my idea of entertainment but it can't last forever and Hollywood has shown gay entertainment before.

The movie continues. Spider Babe has sex with a girl she saves and later with a boy she saves. I found out how two girls can have sex and I found out what a brazilian wax looks like.

Time to change the channel. Spider Babe is apparently X-rated.

I, years later, happened upon uploaded videos of Spider Babe. I didn't see it from the beginning. I watched the beginning, where it was safe not sexy. I listened even though I didn't like the vulgar talk. I sure wish I had seen the beginning. I'd have known it wasn't your typical superhero movie. The super species of spider that the professor taught about but that the girl missed cause she walked out happens to leave a few side effects after biting, one of which is it makes you very orny-hay. Sorry. Don't know if the word'll get censored so I used pig latin.

Sure would be nice if there was a nice spiderwoman movie out there. I'd watch it for sure. :)

Here are some favorite lyrics from one of my favorite songs that I feel fit this topic of superheroism. They don't have their music online. I have been a huge fan of this group since I was an adolescent and I am 35 years old. Hope you all have a good day. :)

An ordinary man, that's who I am
An ordinary plan, do all I can
just to make it
Even though I'm on stage night and day
makin wages
An ordinary man makes mistakes
Can't call me perfect cause I'm really not
You see, you fall short a lot
Put your trust in me, you will want to stop

Don't have an S on my chest
with a cape to believe in
Believe this, even Superman's got a weakness
Giving all I got, the best while I'm living
And I fall on the way up, miss my step a lot
I have insecurities
It's all about maturity
We learn from our mistakes
Sometimes that's what it takes

If I was to fall again
Would you still call me friend?
Hate me, provoke me, protect me
Will you still forgive me, help me up,
Will you still accept me?
What's the deal?
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Dec 10, 2012