Always Have

I've always had a fascination with superheroes ever since I was little watching She-ra. I love the fact that there are loads of films coming out (I hope they never stop and yes, I did enjoy Green Lantern). My biggest gripe with the films at the mo is that there are no lead female characters, just hurry up with the Wonder Woman film already. If Marvel can make Thor work then DC can make Wonder Woman work.

I can never seem to make up my mind who my favourite is. There's the usual power houses of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, but I rather give the females a shout (of course).

If I was being honest I think my top 3 would be as follows,

She-ra - I just think she's amazing and as far as I'm concerned, she's more powerful than her brother, plus she has a flying unicorn!!!

Wonder Woman - I think this one speaks for itself.

Zatanna - What's cooler than a superhero with powers? A superhero with magical powers. She's pretty cool!

Hmmmm...not really sure what I was trying to achieve with the little rant above but I can't talk about superheroes with most of my friends, they think it's weird that I've an interest in them!!!
redngreen redngreen
26-30, F
Jan 11, 2013