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I read and collected comics from the mid 70's till the 90's.  I loved all the action and drama that each character had to deal with.  My favorite line was Marvel, Stan the man Lee and his team of do gooders were always awesome. 

I have lost track of all the storylines but still enjoy talking about the old stories and how they fit with today.

I love all the superhero movies that are coming out.  They kept saying when I was growing up they would soon be here and yep, 25 years later here they are.


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DC and Marvel both have used that as a way of getting to real issues that young people maybe dealing with.<br />
One of the things Marvel tried and I liked was the repracussions of the superhero story on the rest of the world around them. How others lives were effected. Than came the mini-series Damages Inc. The people you hire after the big comicbook fight. It was interseting to see the effects that they leave behind.

always good to have something to fall back on...i usually fall back on my a**. lol, or flat on my face.

Yea same here, well I did sell off the collection little by little. Got some stuff that was needed in my life. Pay bills, buy furniture, that sort of thing.

no unfortunately he got bored of them and dumped the lot...many years ago now...i bet his kicking himself now as he had a huge collection and he kept them all in mint condition.

Some of the older books are worth hundereds of dollors so I can understand your brothers reluctance to share. And overseas I understand sometimes they can go for much more. If he still has them he may have a good retirement fund saved up.

well ive learnt something today...stan the man...comes from marvel!!!...well i never..and there was me thinking it was cockney lingo...blimey im shocked...P and im being serious!!!..<br />
My brother was into marvel i was never allowed to touch his sacred magazines...he would pile them up in order and get them lined up all perfect so he knew if anyone had messed with them...the spoil sport. Great characters though...i took a peek.

i love all the superhero movies too... its so exciting... feel like a kid again watching them :D