Yes, Yes I Do!!

When I mentioned I loved Supernatural . My friends looked at me like I just confessed I wanted a tattoo on my eyeballs.

They told me this qualified as a "guilty pleasure" to be enjoyed with embarrassed eye rolls and to be denied if asked in front of strangers.

But um you know what !! I am not an entertainment snob .. I friggin love this
series and Dean is hot stuff babelicious personified .

I mean ghosts, spirits .. holy water,  spooky background music and um this two?

So so so many studly reasons to love this show !!!=-P

softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
3 Responses Sep 10, 2012

omg I love this show!!!!! i'm pissed though at megaton for all the angles. demons run around free without any angels now sounds great poor cas

love this show =D waiting for the new season !!

there was a few episodes through the seasons I missed so catching up now .. thank you netflix!=-D

noooo you dont miss any episode of supernatural :D highway to hell ! :D

I don't know what show it is.. But I still rated up your story because I like you :)

kiku well .. its a great series .. those two bros travel solving paranormal mysteries soo cool .