Super Natural Show

I love Super Natural!!

I so look forward to friday night's like a junkie wating for his fix!!!

Even tho it is a bit far fetched like how do they afford to stay in hotels with no money and put gas in their expensive chevy im pala(LOL)!!!

I still think that it's a còol show and not to mention the guys are hot!!!

Feflower Feflower
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4 Responses Jun 16, 2007

Deans birthday on the show is the same as mine in real life ! I love Dean and Sam.

Aww you're lucky! I don't have tv so I have to wait til it comes out on DVD to get my fix! Can't wait to see the 3rd season! heehee, I agree about the hotties!

I like that show, I really like all the so called wierd shows, medium,ghost whisper, rains,Love all that your not alone

Three words for you: CREDIT CARD FRAUD :D (That's how they pay for everything. And Dean hustling people at pool. Want cash? No problem!) What *I* don't understand is how Sam stays so incredibly muscular when he has no time to work out!