Me and my sister were both given punishment suppositories (but not punishment enemas) - because my parents knew that intestinal toxins from constipation (i.e being full of s hit) were likely to be a factor in any illness or cranky behavior. We both got bare-bottomed spankings until we were about 10 years old, and it wasn't the spankings we dreaded, it was the possibility that while we were bent over our father's lap being spanked, our mother might suddenly without warning push a glycerin or soap suppository up our bottoms. But I can see why they did it - we did tend to calm down and take a different point of view once we'd done a big s hit!   I don't remember the "crimes" that preceded my sister's discipline suppositories. I just remember a day off school in which my mother went to collect her, and when they came home I heard my mother shouting at her and sending her to her room. And that some time later, from the safety of the "other" bathroom, I heard my mother telling my father about what had happened, and him saying "is it her bowels?" - "she didn't do a dooey yesterday" - "we'll have to `do' her with a suppository". Followed by the familar scenario of my sister being summoned from her room to the other bathroom, and the familiar screams and cries of spanking-and-suppository punishment. And my mother hanging around outside the other bathroom, waiting for the suppository to take effect so when my sister "did a smell" she could examine the results.
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As a child, I dreamed awake to be punished by my teacher with suppositories, and when I read your story, those dreams have come to my mind stronger.