Imitation Of Instruction Booklet

The original -
To relieve infant constipation and encourage daily bowel movements during potty training
10 suppositories

"Empty a dirty bottom in minutes"
Ingredients: Glycerol 70% w/w, gelatin and water.
Instructions for use:
Lay the baby down as if you are changing her nappy, with her legs in the air. Rub her back and calm her down before you proceed with doing anything. If she is crying, it will make it extremely difficult to insert the suppository.
Spread open her buttocks and apply some petroleum jelly to the outside of the baby's rectum. Using one hand to spread the infants buttocks, insert the glycerin suppository with the index finger of your other hand. Push it up as far as it will go.
You should feel the suppository being swallowed by the rectal muscles. Hold the baby’s buttocks together for a couple of minutes to ensure she does not push it out.
The suppository will produce a bowel movement within five to twenty minutes.

For use as a potty training aid:-
Smelly stick suppositories may be used to facilitate a daily bowel movement, when a child is being potty trained. Five to twenty minutes before placing the child on the potty, insert a smelly stick suppository – this will ensure bowel movement, at the designated time at which excrement is to be passed each day.

Mummy’s tips:-
“when inserting the suppository you may have to hold them down if they resist and make them cry when putting the suppository in them. They may cry and fuss and try to run away when it's suppository time, but the important thing is to make sure they do a smell every day at the same time”
“it will NOT hurt your baby - it might be uncomfortable but will not hurt.!!”
“if he struggles you have the hold him still if he pushes it out then u got to give him another 1 . remember a suppository if nescerry when ur child hasn't done a smelly in a while it will empty his bowls”
“Thirty years ago one of my sons had the same problem as Jessica's son and my grandmother told my wife to push a stick of glycerine up him as soon as he got up in the morning and he would do a dooey. So he got a glycerine stick early on and it made him do a dooey, and it also made him work at doing so he would not need the soapstick. After three weeks he was on a routine doing a dooey every day, and the stick was seldom needed.”
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Jul 15, 2010