Suppository ************

I started young my mom would put one or two in me after she had given me an enema to
make sure I was nice and clean.
Then I started really enjoying the feeling of the glycerin in me so I would use as many
suppositories in me as I could take when I ***********.
I would usually go home after school get naked and find the jar of suppositories
go to the living room and start getting as many as I could in me usually 5-10 at a time.
I so loved the full feeling it would give me and I would instantly be hard and jack off.
I would then *** and run to the bathroom and let the suppositories go I so love that feeling.
This you continue as many times as I could before my parents got home.
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9 Responses Sep 15, 2010

Can we chat?!

Yes lets chat maybe fun!

Try the liquid glycerin if you would like a real powerful expulsion. Its great.

Why don't you try a bar of soap?It's bigger and stings much more

I have didnt find much plesure in it.

I'm going to have to try that. I've never used suppositories before.

I think youll like it.

It depends on how many u use,I like to get at least 8-10 in there they feel so good!

Something I haven't tried yet. Sounds interesting. I always have to work and getting very clean so my dildoes won't get dirty. Sounds like something fun.

It's unlike an enema there is no mess just a nice warm slippery feeling<br />
that really does make you horny.

It's does sound like it's a wonderful feeling. Just never throught about doing that. Just may take time to consider it.

Wonderful, I've never tried suppositories.<br />