I Give My Wife Suppositories Daily

For the last few months I have been giving her suppositories daily. It keeps her clean all the time so there is no **** on my **** when I take it out, as I pretty much only **** her *******.

At first she was reluctant but I pulled the "healthy" card and told her it was good for her. Then she was worried she would become dependant but I proved that if I stop she can still **** "naturally" after a few days of build-up, though it is a huge hard stool.

Now she is happy and I give her one after dinner every day so she is empty by bedtime and can get her *** ****, she is still clean in the morning too though if I want to **** her in the afternoon I'll give her a sup in the morning. She doesn't like that as 2 in 24hours means more messy farts but that is her problem to clean up.

Fido2013 Fido2013
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I'm not sure who is luckier, you or your wife.

I wish I had someone to give me suppositories like you give them to your wife she is one lucky lady

I would like give u sup daily or how often u like

At least once a day would be nice maybe even a couple of times a day ;)

one morning and one more evening before you sleep