I Enjoy Surfing The Internet

I thoroughly enjoy surfing the Internet! :P

I have discovered many interesting things in a variety of areas!

 I have been able to learn what has happened in areas of various interest since having left Houston, Texas and the San Francisco bay area, including in the areas of public transportation and radio stations!

 Also, as I have alluded to elsewhere, I have come across many hot, excellent **** sites! ;):)

I find surfing the Internet to be a very  fun experience! :P

jrhanold jrhanold
46-50, M
2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Yes, the Internet can indeed provide helpful information about a city or area that a person plans to visit; it makes it less likely the person will end up lost. Also, information relating to the person's areas of interest can be found much faster!

It's made it easier to learn about an area before you visit it, like the mass transit that you mention. Where I get on, what stop to get off at, so when you visit it doesn't look too obvious you're a tourist!