Cookies Vs. *****, Part One

Be careful, he wrote.

I looked at that for a minute, feeling a warm glow.  It was nice to have someone admonish me like that, to be concerned about my welfare.  I felt good about our friendship.

It had been quite late when I was ready to scoot to the post office to mail the packages.  Half past nine.  The airport post office was open until 10 pm, so I knew if I hurried, I'd make it.  But I was late for a rendezvous with my owner S.  I logged onto EP's chat. 

DISCLAIMER:  The references to "beating my children" are entirely facetious.  Please do not call Children's Services on me.  I had been, in fact, wishing my offspring goodnight and reviewing some of their homework.

9:29 pm
S:  where have you been?
milkynips:  Beating my children, and now I must dash to the post office. it closes at 10.  I logged on to see if you were here

S:  ok

milkynips:  and to let you know I had to go I'm sorry I was late.  the beatings took longer than expected.  bahahaha!

S:  no problem  

milkynips:  are things going well for you?  besides insanely busy work, that is?

S:  yep all is fine except..I need to **** my slave

milkynips:  ooh!  I could certainly use that right now.  especially part of the *******....

S:  but you have things to do

milkynips:  there were some very deep kisses.  I am in the mood to be taken

S:  could happen

milkynips:  Okay, off to the post office.

S:  and if I were closer, more than the mail would be dropped off tonight. ok, how long?

milkynips:  hard to say....depends on the length of the line.  it's about 10 minutes drive each way

S:  at 10 at night

milkynips:  Yes, lots of folks go there then.  those of us who hate going to the post office  and wait til the last minute

S:  ha

ok, be careful

milkynips:  see you soon, I hope.

S:  ok.  talk to you then

milkynips:  xo  

milkynips:  Hello again

S:  welcome back my little ****

milkynips:  I was mailing cookies to gentlemen

S:  What?

milkynips:  who are sad because they are not lucky in love

S:  very kind of you, except

milkynips:  there is one whose wife is having an affair…except what?

S:  you left me to mail cookies?  rather disappointing

milkynips:  I needed to ship them out, S.  before they got stale
and I hate to go to the PO during the day.  the lines make me sad

S:  I think you need discipline

I did not bother to point out to S that if he gave me his mailing address, I'd bake and ship him some cookies.  I knew darned well the likelihood of him giving up his address was slimmer than the chick who played Irene Adler in Sherlock last Sunday.  For the record, that ***** looked anorexic.

He's right, though.  I DO need discipline.  The self control to stop caring so ******* much about these gentlemen and trying to make it all better with a homebaked treat.  But I can't help it.  When someone about whom I've grown to care needs something, I try to provide it.  Sometimes, it's not so easy.  When a man's wife is cheating on him, I can't erase her infidelity.  But I can send a care package of peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses in the center. 

When a certain man tells me that he longs to be taken by a woman wearing a strap on, I realize that I can actually do that.  So no cookies for him.  Besides, he's following a healthy eating plan in an effort to get his numbers down, so he might not appreciate my giving him a high calorie treat.  Plus, he hasn't given me his address.  Or his last name.  Still, I intend to **** his sweet ***.
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Miss Nips, you certainly have a kind heart... and a wicked sense of fun. Were I on the other side of this ocean I'd certainly provide you with my last name and address. ;-)