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This morning we saw baby foxes playing next to a guy walking his dog (will try and get pics of foxes tonight)

But more surprisingly, my best friend has just asked me for gem stones to make eyes.. ???!!!
Surprising, as he has never had any interests in arts and crafts

It turns out that he has put my carved wooden owl in the garden tree and now wants to make it some eyes

He is attached to a pump pushing chemotherapy through his veins and I imagined he would be lying on the sofa feeling nauseous

But no, he is busy planting flowers in the sun
And glueing gemstones to make eyes for an owl !!!

Ps,re top two pics , just been back today and saw them but mum barked loudly and they fled down holes. I waited a while and this little one popped out again .. looks very healthy:)
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Wonderful images.

Isn't it incredible that no matter how ill someone is, the ability to become involved in nature and to be pulled back into the sunlight is always there...... I hope you found some wonderful gem stones for your friend. I hope that he did well with the chemo....and that he enjoyed the warmth of the light, the beauty of the flowers, and the incredible lushness of the the nature you have captured with your photography.....

thank you for sharing this... :-)

Hi Dinah, thanks for reading and commenting.

Yes, he is doing well :)

Wow? Gorgeous pictures!!

Hiya DanceBear thank you :)

You're very welcomed. :)

The pics are beautiful. Your friend reminds me very much of mine. I know I need to get my focus back onto what's really important.

Hi Sappy, thank you for reading and commenting. I guess what's important is different for all of us. My friend is very accepting and trusting of life and I am learning to be more like that... it now seems important to me.

I enjoyed this story very much and the pictures are wonderful. THANK YOU!!

That dude is a spammer, Tas. He has posted that same thing in tons of stories on EP. Just delete it.

Oh ok thanks :)

He even posted it on Arsineh's story about the NYC meet up!

LOL .. haha

Aggghhhhh!! Went back this evening and saw 4 cubs playing , didn't have my camera ready :(

Inspiring story. Makes me thankful for what I have today.

Beautiful story, Tas.

A lovely story, Tassie;)

This story made me smile :) <br />
I truly admire people who in the middle of a real hardship are still able to find joy in the little things :)<br />
Thanks for sharing this Tassie.