My dad introduced me to Japanese food. He just loved it and would bring me along when he craved for it. Usually on a weekly basis. I have tried a variety of Japanese food, from Udon, Gyoza, Tempura, Gyudon, Okonomiyaki... and many more... but as most of us are, I am very fond sushi.

Now sushi comes in different types. But the most popular, as shown in the group's logo is called, Norimaki...this is sushi rice rolled in dried seaweed sheets. The sushi rice is actually a very sticky rice cooked with sushi vinegar. This is what makes it distinct with the common rice we all know. And there are other ingredients that may be added when rolling such as crab meat, shrimp, fried egg, chicken, cucumber, mangoes, etc.

I have tried making sushi. It is fun and well, sticky. Buy the ingredients and your sushi mat and ta-da! Though I am no master but it provides a relief for a boring Sunday afternoon.

Lately however, I have given up making sushi at home. A sushi restaurant opened in our area late last year. I found a friend who shares the same craving as I do. Hence, we always go eat sushi weekly.

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Uhmmm, thanks for the suggestion Stick. I'd bet it is a very unique experience. It's not in my bucket list but who knows? Life is all about adventure anyway.

Love sushi .. you should try being a human body platter and wearing it... the feel and smell and having everyone look at you and prod you with chopsticks is surreal... It not always practical to do so i found this meditative audio on www.hypnotic4play.com that took me through the whole experience again. It was awesome.. it works off your own imagination but if you want to lie flat and be covered with japanese delicacies this is kinda cool! (no pun intended)

Are you saying no???... *big eyes in horror*... I am appalled!!!...

Claritin works best, I heard... non-drowsy... you might zonk away while eating sushi off Bluebie... you wouldn't want that, would you?...

*whack*... stop eying me, sire... if you want to try the sushi... better ask Bluebie first... she's the one lying naked on the table...<br />
<br />
And I thought you're allergic to sea food?...<br />
<br />
Allergy gone, huh?<br />

Yay yay yay!!! *bouncing up and down*... hoot hoot... here we go again... *grabs Bluebie and makes her change into her bikini*... ooohhh... you are as yummy as ever Bluebie... <br />
<br />
Hmm... yummy... <br />
I just thought of that scene in Sex and the City movie with Samantha waiting on her husband... she got herself all naked with sushi strategically placed on her body while laying on the table... hmm... *grabs Bluebie and makes her lie down on the beach table*... here now... stop squirming... this will be fun... *winks*...

I am here to report that my daughter did finally drag me to sushi at her favorite japanese restuarant and we had bagel rolls, which is rice, seaweed, smoked salmon and cream cheese... california rolls, avacado rolls, and some other roll that was ok til she told me it might be eel (it was whitefish). Anyway, it was really good, so I will come along too, if you don't mind. I love the beach. :)

*Sylph runs back and grabs Mick, too... takes Dean and Mick to a sushi place near the beach*... aaahhh... if only... this could be fun times, guys... *picks chopsticks and feeds sushi to Dean and Mick*... we'll start with simple ones... chicken or beef... it's not traditional sushi but we don't want Dean hyperventilating on us...hmm... ain't this the life... aaaahhh...

Sushi with smoked salmon and avocado, crab meat and tuna are the more common contents here. Add the wasabi and soy sauce and you have a nice feed. I love sea food..YUM.

Would love to take you to a sushi restaurant, Dean!... so you still have the allergy? That's no fun... I love seafood... grew up eating them all the time... and now I do miss them terribly... *grabs Dean's hand... heading for the beach to try out fresh seafood meal*...

*High fives Lifeinthecloud*... Sushi junkie we are... hmm... I like that term...<br />
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Zunderwo... I must try that next time! Black dragon roll... hmm... even the name piques my curiosity... thanks!... but raw tuna... I dunno... it lost its appeal to me... moreover salmon... *shivers*...

My favorite Sashimi is raw tuna. <br />
I've had eel, and have no problem with it. The most interesting sushi I've had was called a black dragon roll, it was shrimp fried with tempura, wrapped in seaweed and rice. It was amazing, crunchy, soft, sweet, and savory, warm and cold. I've never had so many textures or sensations in one food before.<br />
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However raw tuna is still my favorite. I don't care much for the raw salmon but I'm not big on salmon even when it's cooked.

You are making me drool, too, Keye... waaahhh... maybe I could just forego chopsticks and slice them up into small pieces... hmm...<br />
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My weekly sushi friend date has been bugging me the last few days to have our sushi date, And she's leaving for New Zealand on Thursday... will be gone for 6 weeks... argh! Must stock up on frozen Jap food...

You should try it, LV... but since you are a sushi virgin, try the California maki first, or anything that they have with chicken. Then venture from there. Some people hit it right off with sushi... some needed time to get used to it... like an acquired taste... so much like pumpkin pie for me... this is definitely an acquired taste... and I can never attain it... LOL!...

I have never tried sushi!<br />
<br />
I have eaten in Japanese restaurants, but I never had sushi<br />
<br />
I have to try it

Hi Keye!!!... *runs to Keye and bounces up and down with her*... we need to go on our own sushi date! <br />
<br />
Back home, mangoes are very abundant. And since there are numerous ways to make sushi, the restaurants have adapted to what is also available in the local area.<br />
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I wish I can have some Okonomiyaki now... bu I still can't chew... waaahhh... Takoyaki... hmm... who does not want dumplings??? One thing I like about Jap food is that you can just keep gorging and gorging... and they're all yummy!..... Eel??? yeah... tried that... once, maybe twice... the mere fact that I know it's eel sends shivers... I have to get myself drunk first... haha...

But... but... California makis are yummy... *Sylph scratches head*..... Fried sushi? Then you really need to tell me how it goes...

She says the kind she gets is fried and that appeals to my southern stomach, so I told her I would give it a shot. We'll see how it goes. I tried a california roll once and found it quite yuck.

Sushi is not raw, Bluebie... well the one in the group logo, Norimaki (but we all call it sushi). The raw Jap food is Sashimi... I'm not fond of this either. I have to be drunk before I can eat it. I used to when I was younger; but as I got older, I began to feel icky about it. Watch out, too for Wasabi, green paste that they use as a condiment. It's horseradish.......... but powerfully hot......... like it ends in my ears with smoke... that kind.<br />
<br />

My daughter loves sushi and insists that I try it. She swears not all of it is raw seafood, and I have told her I will go with her (once) and give it a shot as long as she doesn't try to sneak in anything weird.<br />
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I'll let you know how it goes.