The Worst Allergy to Boot

I have always taken pride in the fact that I am not allergic to any food [making me invincible, of course].  However, when I tried sushi, I noticed that I just didn't feel good after I ate it.  It made me groggy, and weak, and made me feel oh so full [don't you just hate that feeling?].  Well, it turns out that I am allergic to MSG, which is pretty big in soy sauce [the best freakin part!].  However, I am so devoted to my scrumptious little sushis [not a word] that I simply push aside this small obstacle and enjoy it anyways.  Some might say this is a stupid idea, that I might get sick, but I say screw it.  Soy sauce without MSG tastes disgusting anyways.
Good story.  Thank you, thank you.
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I don't touch the soy sauce, but some people just love it. I add wasabi and pickled ginger. One or two of the place will have a minute amount of low sodium soy. Just don't like that much salt. Hope you have experimented and found more ways to enjoy it without having any reactions.

Low-sodium soy sauce may have no or less MSG. <br />
<br />
Or you could dilute your favorite MSG-filled soy sauce with miso soup if you're dining out, or vegetable broth at home if you get takeout. That way you still get your soy sauce flavor, but with less MSG.<br />
<br />
They also sell packets of instant miso soup. You just add water and it comes with seaweed and tufu as well, for like $1.50. Add a couple packets of soy sauce to, say, half a serving of the soup, and voila!

Oh gosh!! I hope they aren't ;]

Oh wow, reading this makes me feel better. I mean, sorry you are allergic to MSG...but when you said that it makes you groggy and stuff that put my mind at ease. I thought that the people at my local sushi joint were trying to poison me or something because right after I'd eat my favorite spicy tuna and dragon rolls, I would get sooo sleepy. Almost to the point where I could hardly drive home!! That makes sense! Thanks for sharing your story!