I Am Here to Steal Your Dreams - Death to Dragon Rolls..and Cheese Sticks

I used to think that dragon rolls were amazing. People would tell me this and I would order a dragon roll and they are good; but somewhere in the back of my mind a little voice started to come forward. It was quiet at first but the more dragon rolls I ate the more apparent it became.
Fact is the dragon rolls taste like topsoil. If you were ever the little kid that helped your mom plant a garden or were tortured by bullies or older siblings you should know what topsoil tastes like. Just like you should know that fried cheese sticks sometimes taste like old bazooka joe bubblegum that has run out of flavor rolled in grapenuts.

However I have found a correlation between that taste of dragon rolls being amazing and being dirty. And that correlation is all based on the amount of sake or kirrin you have had prior to eating a dragon roll. I will let you all experiment figure out the perfect mix as to how that works.

I prefer any sushi masago to a dragon roll. In my own personal heaven they will serve it with all its different combinations, and gyoza will be offered all day, there will also be an unlimited mountain of edamame, and a bottomless bowl of plain miso soup.  If things were my way there would be a fountain of warm sake and on off days a never ending always free soda machine filled with only coke. I do think that I could eat sushi everyday, but more so I wish that I could eat it everyday for forever.

JaceMartin JaceMartin
31-35, M
1 Response May 10, 2008

your personal sushi heaven sounds a lot like mine... but in addition, I need unlimited crunchy seaweed salad with lots of tiny sesame seeds.