I've Loved Sushi Since I Was Knee-high To A Grasshoppa, Grasshoppa! Lol

Mmmmm... my Achilles heel! I've been enjoying "Japan's Greatest Invention" since I was knee-high to a grasshoppa!
Such awesome memories of last summer about my return to Japantown in San Francisco
for the first time since childhood. It was there that I saw my first (and so-far only)
sushi bar with floating boats of sushi... and all these years later, those boats are still rocking! lol
BTW, the sushi bar is Isobune Sushi (really blah website http://www.isobunesushi.com )
and there are *many* clips of the boats on youtube. Here is one:

The only downside to sushi: The best quality is expen$ive.
Well, like so many things in life, "you get what you pay for" huh? C'est la vie! :)
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5 Responses May 19, 2012

If you love sushi, try Sashimi. It's just another way of exploring Japanese cuisine.<br />
Sashimi has its own array of versatilities attracting different crowd. I enjoyed this story. Thanks for posting.

Nice to know. Sashimi is my best bet, actually. Sushi is way heavy to the stomach. Makes you full, even wanting to eat more.

Grasshoppa- when you taking me out for sushi?

I love sushi, too! There is a great one in the cities here that I have been going to with my dad for many years. I want to go tonight now!

i wish i knew how to make sushi because we have alot of fish here. i love eating it.

Now, how do you say *c'est la vie* in Japanese?

Nice, thank you.!!

Me too. But, that's okay. It just made me realize that there must be keyboards with Chinese, Japanese, etc characters. I never thought about it before.