*sigh* I Miss Sushi

I moved a few months ago and don't know the area, nor do I know people around here. I love sushi, but I am the only one in my family out here that likes almost any type of seafood at all. I wish I knew of a good sushi place around here, and even if I found it... I would have to go alone. -pouts-
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2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Well, you could resort to complete sillyness and post up an ad on craigslist saying you're looking for people to eat sushi with. :P As goofy a thing to do as it seems, I bet you'd find some interesting friends who love sushi as much as you do.

It's funny you mentioned that. I had thought about doing exactly the same thing. No one in my family likes sushi, and they look at me strangely when I mention it. Those who would enjoy it with me have moved out of town, so I usually go by myself to get some...

Yes, where did you end up moving to? If you are comfortable sharing that, I'm sure fellow sushi affectionados will chime in with some suggestions. (I'd die without my sushi!)