Ick and Eww and Ick An...

Ick and eww and ick and eww some more ... RAW fish ick i dont even know how thats legal ...  wouldnt it cause  like some sort of food poisoning although working at jungle jims i saw stranger stuff than that they sell  Goat heads there .. i wouldnt push them through i made someone else do it ...  i couldnt look at them ...  ick ick ick !!!!
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3 Responses May 16, 2007

California rolls are DELICIOUS! =]

The raw fish part of sushi is made from very high quality fish. In fact, it has to be frozen at a very low temperature for a set period of time to kill off any potential pathogen. Plus there is plenty of types of sushi that use cooked meat or no meat at all. California rolls and Philly rolls don't have raw fish and are good.

The only Sushi I have ever tried is The California Roll which doesn't have anything really nasty in it. I didn't have the nerve to try some of the other kinds. I love the Wasabi sauce though I like anything spicy.