Yay Sushi!!!!

Ok so I figured sense I'm apart of this group I should put up a quick post on how much i love sushi!!! I want sushi all the time!! Any time day or night!!! I could have just got done eating sushi & want it again!! So bring on the wasabi, ginger & soy sauce cuz I'm allways ready for sushi!!!!
fractalpterodactyl fractalpterodactyl
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I've never had it.. Obviously you like it but what is it compared to? I am interested to try this new food now

Oh man I can't compare sushi to anything but sushi. U just gotta try it. & not deli sushi u get from the store. The only thing I can suggest is read what's n the rolls & get things in them you like. Like I really like anything tempura battered & fried, I also love smoked salmon & tuna. I don't like just the plane raw fish on rice tho its called "Nigiri" I like the rolls that have lots of stuff in & on them!! Yum!! Damn it now i want sushi!!

Making me hungry