Sushi, I Love!

This is what I ate for dinner today. I made them all by myself! :D

Being a foreign graduate student, I don't have the luxury to eat out a lot. Especially, I don't know any really good Japanese(sushi) restaurant in affordable price in Atlanta here. And, this is what I can do to fulfill my lust of Sushi. I bought the Seaweed, elm, the yellow carrot (I don't really know the name of that ingredient but the taste is really good.) and a package of soybean curd with all the ingredient and seasonings. I fried some eggs rolls as well. And, of course, I have a  small bamboo screen to roll the stuff together.

Oh, how I love Sushi!!

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5 Responses Feb 14, 2010

LOL, DV, I take that as a compliment. :D

Oh!! Thank you so much! In that case, I should try to visit Chicago sometime. :D

I don't know much about Atlanta. If you go to Chicago, there's a great place on Ohio Street about three blocks off Michigan Avenue. Very reasonable. The people who run it are very friendly.

I like those sweet ginger, but I can't stand wasabi... :p<br />
I once tried to find where are those good sushi with reasonable price could be.... <br />
If you know one, please recommend it! :)

Let me know when you start up a restaurant. Your sushi looks great! Finding good sushi at a reasonable price is tough. Do you add wasabi and ginger too?