Life Is For Living And Living Well

I read a book called First thing First by Steven Covey many years ago.This quote of "To Live,To Love,To Learn and To pass It On has been in my mind always.Its from this quote that awaken me to realize i merely existed and never live.As for the rest i have done them often.Since then i tried living to my best knowledge but just couldn't feel it until recently when i seek God's help.I am now loving myself and by so doing it has open my mind and eyes to many things that i have missed for so long.
unshakable unshakable
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3 Responses May 8, 2011

unshakable my friend.........Such a lovely comment..I am humbled by it......:)

Hi m friend.I am sure you know much.You are wise and knowledgable.

My friend unshakable, how to put first things first - the essence of good time management - can be a real challenge for many people?.....Any example ??............God Bless You.....:)