I Could Swallow All Day Long

I live to drink c.u.m. When I first started giving head I absolutely hated anything having to do with it including a guys big O. My mouth hurt, it was uncomfortable and eww why is that white stuff so sticky? Now that I have had years of practice with a different variety of c.o.c.k.s. I am able to enjoy myself and really get into it. I hate meeting women who talk about giving head but how much they hate when the guy finally squirts...so what is the point of doing it at all? If your going to give head do it right. That includes swallowing. Its one thing if it tastes nasty because the guy wont stop downing one too many beers and its another to outright refuse every time to every man. They give a bad name to c.o.c.k.suckers like me. To me swallowing a fat load is my trophy and prize for all the work my mouth just put in. So men beware, if a woman says she is willing to give head but hates swallowing she doesn't really like to do it meaning she isn't going to be any good. You have to love the entire experience to do a good job that includes acting as a constant c.u.m.dump and swallowing load after load after load straight from the source.

P.S. for the last year or so I have swallowed at least 4 loads everyday 7 days a week. If I could have more I would. I'm just that type of lady. ;)
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9 Responses May 20, 2012

You have my attention. i love sex but i would really love to spend time with someone like you that loves *** that much, I have always had a fantasy of spending several days in bed or in the house whatever with a girl that just wants too swallow ***. My **** should never leave her hand or mouth the entire time except for sleeping of course. And just milk my **** the entire time swallowing. Even two or more girls taking turns doing this would be heaven. And i would not be selfish either i love to make a women ***. What do you think about that?

I would love to meet you!

You ever find yourself in my neighborhood, let me know. I'll let you swallow my load anytime.

Mmmmn!!! Can i be your friend please??? You can drink my *** daily hun. Ofcourse you gotta kiss me before you swallow it! !! Mmmmmm i love *** kisses

Much respect to you babe ! As a man that loves to be sucked off, i am so glad u wrote about this... it should be posted in all female only environments. You are a lady and a scholar! I hate *** dodging chicks who frown at the thought of swallowing ***. I love eating ***** so much the woman usually passes out from orgasmic overload. Lmao shout out to the oral is okay generation! Ha ha

ur my type of lady too !!!

Awesome! Definitely need more women like you! You rock, baby!

Where do you meet enough guys to swallow four loads a day seven days a week? I'd sure like to be there -:)

Most of my friends are guys that is how I get away with it lol

god wish i had friend like u/ lol

I agree....my kind of woman!