50 Things I Love

This may come with a second installment so it's actually 100 - but 50 will have to do for now.

1: First and foremost her ability to be herself regardless
2: Her openness
3: Her capacity to bounce back after any blow
4: That she's sensitive enough it still hurts inside
5: Her service to her friends
6: That sleepy smile in the morning before she's put on her glasses and the blood hasn't quite reached her brain.
7: Her lips
8: Her nose
9: Her hands
10: Her eyes
11: Her ears
12: Oh what the heck - her whole body
13: That she tells me what's going on in the language I speak best
14: That she's read all the same books I have
15: That she likes Disney movies
16: That she introduced me to enya
17: That the conversation can never go dead when she's around
18: Her hugs
19: That she knows everyone
20: That she's ticklish
21: That she's obsessive
22: That she plays magic with me
23: That she boasts about beating me when she's using my decks
24: That she's willing to try new things
25: Have I mentioned her eyes? They're dark dark dark brown - and looking into them I feel like her soul is as deep as well.
26: When she decides to be wise and suddenly all this truth pours out
27: Her poetry
28: Her writing
29: That she spreads love widely among all her friends
30: That she lets me do her astrology and listens
31: That she lets me win
32: That she's my favorite color
33: That she steals my scarf at every meal
24: That she's warm
36: That she's soft
37: That she lets me be myself
38: That she challenges my limits
39: That she praises me
41: That she was willing to give up sugar for a week
42: That she's always so sunny
43: That she lets me see the snow inside
44: That she reminds me of myself
45: That she tells me stories and asks mine in return
46: Her amazingly accurate memory
47: That she's a virgin in the year of the ****
48: That she grows on me
49: That she tries to understand me
50: That she sings anyway
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

He likes when I steal his scarf....I love you too!