I Love Sweden

I'm totally obsessed with Sweden. I learned Swedish and want to go to sweden after I finished university.
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7 Responses Nov 22, 2006

Ohh..Jag saknar Sverige ..

If you need to practice your Swedish, you're all welcome to drop me a few lines. / Om ni behöver träna på er svenska så är ni välkomna att skriva ett par rader till mig. ;)

i am back from sweden..i am impressed -beautiful unspoiled nature, calm people, peace and traquility very organized country and transport system is soo good am craving to go back again in summer to roam around forrests that is accesible for all

im going to sweden for first time in 3 weeks time, will be grand. i learned swedish too as i had strange attraction to this land of trolls hehe and swedish language is melody in my ears. lets see if I love the country too

Cool, I'll teach you some :)

Oh my god! You're just like me! :P I'm obsessed with sweden and I learned swedish too! :P

Lolz, I've lived in Sweden for 14 years now; it is nice and quiet here :P But I'm probably going to US to study at a university though :)