Sweden Was/is The Best

When I lived in Sweden for a few years it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. Sweden is such a free and open country with so many things to do. I lived close to drottninggatan which is such a beautiful area! Swedish people are just so laid back and friendly in the nicest sense, they don't seem to really care about things. For example most people, if they let you through whilst driving you'd feel obliged to wave back. In Sweden it's kind of like "yup" everyone's kind, nothing special to see here. Stockholm's a beautiful city and the old town is just gorgeous, you have to visit it! When I was younger we always went to liserbeg or grona lund amusement parks. There's a ride called atmosphere, tallest in europe .Way to scared to ever try it. Food in sweden is delicious they love their mushrooms, berries (elder berry is amazing) and fish oh and bread, however I must confess that surstromming, a type of rotten fish in a can is a whole new level of disgusting for my delicate taste buds. In winter the sea can freeze over and your able to go iceskating with hundreds of other people. The forests are numerous and huge and you always feel like your a part of nature. Someone could write a ten thousand page book on sweden and still never find a way how to full illustrate the majesty and beauty of the country. 
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Lots of people also drive ontop of the sea during winter if it's thick enough.. some even drive trucks over em, it's sick xD

My dad used to do that with us when we were kids lol. Good fun :D

Haha surströmming is the worst. I've never even been able to get close enough to taste it. Smells sooo bad lol