They Are Too Good

I wouldn't leave a bowl of meatballs in the same room with me... they might do a little magic trick called: disappearance without a trace. And I would of course look totally innocent! :) Seriously, meatballs is the only thing that disturbs my diet these days... I have to learn to resist!

Fennella Fennella
31-35, F
10 Responses May 13, 2008

:) Oh, you got me! I thought I could keep my yummy recipe as a secret! ;)

I think you have added to many magic mushrooms to your meatball recipe.

Wow, this got all off-track... How did we end up from meatballs to the systems? :) Who cares, it's only fun that you never know where you end up when you share your story!

I wouldn't call it socialist, as it hints more to our eastern neighbour in the past. I would call it an equal system. Everybody has the same opportunities and everybody's taken care of, nobody's left behind.

Just Norway and Sweden... But Norway is so amazing place I would love to go there again. And when Norwegian is so close relative language to Swedish, it's so easy to understand it even with 9 years studies of Swedish.

Norway is beautiful! I wish I could go for a fjord-cruise in northern Norway someday... those landscapes take your breath away.

I've been in Sweden couple times and some of my relatives live there, but those visits have been fast visits from place A to B. And no, I haven't met Abba! :)

And of course Swedish meatballs are absolutely nothing when you compare them to Finnish meatballs... (Sweden and Finland have a strange love/hate-relationship) ;) Seriously speaking those are practically the same!

So you do them in Italian style in a tomato-sauce? It's funny how it seems that you can never have too much meatballs! :)

yea i love them to and im like that with spaghetti. i love it and can eat it every day. when i make it i make alot so i can eat on it for a few days.