Lesson Learned

How could I claim to be a Southern girl and NOT like sweet tea?

Funny thing happened to me, not long after moving here.  Now, where I used to live, restaurant iced tea was always served plain unless otherwise stated.  Very few restaurants offered sweet tea, and most of them were either steak houses or BBQ joints. 

Less than a year after I moved here, I found myself having a massive pancake fit.  I stopped at an IHOP and, as it was hot as blazes out, ordered ice tea.  Without thinking, I dumped a packet of Sweet'n'Low in.

Mistake!  The tea was already sweet.  Very sweet.  And my pink packet only made it more so!

At that moment I was so thirsty I'd drink anything, so I chugged it. 

So yes.  Lesson learned.  Herabouts, take a sip of the tea before adding anything!

Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
May 16, 2012