When I Took My Steps Sons Down The Canal.

I remember the time when I was marrid to my ex wife one day my self and three of her boys alon kiven and phillip whet out for a walk down the canal.
apart from ofualesly mey self been able to swim as you will gather from m perivios storie alon and kevin could also swim puillip how ever could not .
as we were walking along every time we past one of the loachs kevin kept showing an intrest in going in for a swim in his clothing .
at first i tryed to put him of for a bit partly as I did not know if he was been genuien or not and also i know his mother would not approve if she found out about it.
but affter a while we got to the loach just afterkirkstall abby on the leeds and liverpool canal and he was still showing an intrest in going in swimming fully clothed .so been awer that his mopther would not approve and the fact his other two brothers were with us I warned alon and phillip not to say any thing to their mum .and i said to kevin if he raley wanted to do it I would show him how it was done I then proceeded to the edge of the loach and jumped right in swam to some steps and klimbde out .
It was now kevins turn to have a go at it this was the first time for him he when t up to the edge just as i had and stood for a while hesatting about it then he asked my self and his brothers to call him a chiken whitch we did at this point he lepy striaght in to the canal and swam accross it .
he seamed to enjoy it but not raely sure if he di or not. as he never whent again after that and it was not long after that that me and his mum split up.
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no it is what he whanted to do so i let him do it

are you a *********

No i am far from a*********** this was his choice he was not forced to do it and he did not have to do it he chose to do it this might not to be ever ones liking but what i did was let him do what he whanted to do and i would do the same again if ever i were to re marry and have kids if they cuold swim and they whanted to do it fully clothed in thier shoes and socks then i would let them do it simple as that.

I believe that any clothes are for swimming, I have done it since I did it for lifeguard training as a kid.I like wearing dress shirts. I also wear all jewelry and glasses too, as well as my hat. My best friend and roommate always wore each others clothes, and I owould always wear his best ones, He was way cool with it as I was with him wearing mine without even having to ask.we even swapped watches and he let me wear his brand new dress watch, i asked if the dress watch was waterproof and he didn't think it was, but insisted that I wear it, so I did, and went swimming wearing jean shorts, leather belt, his new shoes and watch and we wore our leather hats. Watch was not waterproof, but I was able to swim with it several times before I finally drowned it. AHHH the good ole younger days, I am married now and still wear all I can when swim or shower. Also still would allow my clothes to be swam in, torn up, whatever.