Having a pool of 9 meters at home i was trying to figure out how to make it more difficult for more excersise and starting swimming with clothes on.As time progresses i tried differant jeans and shirts.When stretch denim came on the market it was a big improvement and the fit better.For very hard excersise a thick denim jean but normal swimming skinny stretch denims.The wider the leg the better for leg muscles.I now swim in the farm dam,very private.I agree,if wearing the wrong jeans you could be put of swimming with jeans.I was at a party where everyone was thrown into the pool fully clothed and chatted to a lady with stretch denims and she actually enjoyed the experience and stayed in the pool for a while.Swimming with tight stretch jeans is better,they dont fall off when diving in,if you bump your leg on the rough surface you don't bleed,it is easier to dry,you squat holding a towel around your butt.They feel the nearly the same wet or dry,actually better dry.I ride my bicycle in the rain and getting soaked and muddy and the jeans does not restrict my movement and keep me warmer.After the ride i usually hose myself clean and then jump into the pool fully clothed.It is best to start your ride when you see there is a rain storm approaching and getting caught in the rain is more fun.Enjoy life-small things make the differance and can take your mind of the daily stress.Have FUN !!!!   I do-.   

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Yesterday when I went swimming I explained to my brother why I am wearing jeans and he also complained about the 3/4 style swimshorts,very horrible to wear in waves,always trapping air etc etc.

lol interesting --- i've never heard of this concept before!!!

The Chinese imports to South Africa are very cheap and are cheaper than buying swimshorts!!!Much more practical than swimshorts!!!

Skinny jeans are great for swimming. I have a pair of Levi's 511 skinny jeans that are made of a 48% polyester/52% cotton blend and have a soft feel. Swimming in them is easy because of their snug fit, and they dry relatively quick and resist chlorine deterioration.