I Love Michigan...& I miss it. I miss all my family, friends, & all the lakes. I miss driving to Lake Michigan & spending days & nights on the beach. PURE MICHIGAN !
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me too. i was born in pontiac, but now live in california. and i must say i miss everything about michigan. especially the snow.

I was west of Ann Arbor. I miss the snow too.... Blizzards & all !!! Seriously starting to think of moving back.

i would love to also. my parents still live there and my daughter also. she just gave me a second grandbaby a son this time just 3 days ago

Well Congrats to you Grandpa !
What a perfect reason to plan a trip back home.
Isn't it hard when these events happen & you're so far away? I've been in TN for 3 years & I don't think I'll ever get use to it.
My oldest got married last month at a vineyard @ Lk MI & all I could do was come up for 1 week. There was so much of the planning I couldn't be a part of.

im gonna add you so we can have some privacy. would that be ok?

Sure. I'm new on this tonight, uhm morning now LOL. Don't know how it's done

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