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If you enjoy wearing pantyhose, stockings or thigh highs, you owe it to yourself to try swimming in them sometime. It is a lot of fun, and many find it very erotic. Granted it's not always particularly convenient to go for a swim in your pantyhose. Without a private pool, swimming would be conducted a public area, and if people are around, doing in with pantyhose on may put off others. Some people have worn pantyhose under their swimsuits - I saw a woman do this at a hotel many years ago. She wore the hosiery under a one piece. I know of other women that have done this wearing a one piece, and of a few CDs who have done the same. I suppose it could be done with a bikini, but would probably look a bit odd if the waist band of the pantyhose extended beyond the waist of the bikini bottom.

In Australia, and areas with a lot of stinging jellyfish at the beach, swimmers with cover themselves in pantyhose. A cool opportunity for anyone into encasement. For those that want to swim with pantyhose on their legs, doing it at the beach can be considered "acceptable" to avoid jellyfish stings. I have found that very sheer pantyhose (low denier) with a color matching your skintone practically disappear when wet. You could go swimming in your pantyhose, and no one may even notice.

You can also swim in your clothes, while wearing pantyhose. I gone swimming in tight jeans with pantyhose underneath, which is a wonderful feeling. And swimming in jeans won't attract the same kind of attention as it would if you went swimming in a nice dress or skirt/blouse. Besides, if your gonna swim in a nice dress or a skirt/blouse combo, you might as well wear your high heels in the water as about attracting attention!! LOL!

Another approach is to wear pantyhose in the bathtub or a jacuzzi. It's not quite the same as getting to swim around in them, but definitely gives you a great sense of what it would be like.

When I graduated from high school, a friend of mine had a party at his house. They had a pool, and of course there was beer. People always push or throw one another into pools at swim parties. At this party, everyone around the pool was wearing a swim suit, so pushing someone in was no big deal since they were already dressed for swimming. Well...except for one girl. She wore a cotton shirt dress with pantyhose and a pair of fabric, open toe, wedge mules. This attire was considered unusual even back in the 80s (and a total fashion no-no by today's standard). Naturally, I noticed how she was dressed, and I could tell that her cotton shirt dress was not going to be ruined if it got wet. I talked a friend of mine into helping me push her into the pool. We did! Naughty me. As she plunged into the water, and then surfaced with water streaming down her hair, she acted all angry loudly exclaiming, "I knew this was going to happen!" But then she sat there in the shallow end of the pool on the steps, in her dress, pantyhose covered legs totally underwater, and still with her shoes on. She had a towel to dry her face, acting angry, but still sitting their kicking her legs back and forth with her shoes on. I believed she was actually enjoying the erotic sensation. I got in the water and whispered to her that it looked like it felt pretty good. She didn't say anything to me - just sat there. And then someone said out loud, "why are you sitting in their with your clothes on?" So she got out. That probably put a quick end to the erotic pleasure she was experiencing in the pool. I wonder if she ever went swimming or bathing in her clothes/pantyhose after that.
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Stacy, you said "Swimming in jeans won't attract the same kind of attention as it would if you went swimming in a nice dress or skirt/blouse. Besides, if your gonna swim in a nice dress or a skirt/blouse combo, you might as well wear your high heels in the water as about attracting attention!! LOL!" As you probably know, that's EXACTLY what my wife does regularly - with me usually joining her in dress slacks, shirt and dress shoes! Just adds to the "naughtiness factor" and the spice and eroticism if done in public places where others see us! The only comments we've ever gotten were along the line of "you guys are crazy, but sure look like you're having fun!"

Yes...I think there has to be a signficant shock factor associated with swimming in clothes for it to be really entertaining. Some people talk about swimming in their clothes, and then it turns out they were wearing shorts and a t-shirt. OK - so technically they were swimming in their clothes, but it's not all that exciting.

Jeans can get us a little closer, particularly if you are wearing a nice ensemble with the jeans...perhaps a nice blouse and shoes...then the intrigue is greater.

But when someone is really decked a suit, or in formal wear, or just really nice clothing that you know should not be worn while swimming...then it becomes so much more interesting.

No doubt that the outfits you and your wife wear to get wet would get my complete, unwavering attention. And I'd be could I join them?

On occasion, we've actually inspired others to join us - and if we're splashing/swimming in public and others seem interested, we always encourage them to join us and have the decadent fun we're having! that would be really cool to get others to join in. Have you persuaded others that were nicely dressed?

On at least a few occasions, yes we have! Although I think every time the woman has removed her heels at least.

Darn! Well, can't expect everyone to keep their shoes on unless they are full on wetlook lovers. At least you've gotten them in the water. And it they had on pantyhose (or some form of hosiery) I would consider that a huge win regardless of shoes.

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I recently bought myself a pair of fishnet stockings. I wore these in our private pool. Very sexy. Also as a guy walking around outside in fishnets was very nice.

Very fun, isn't it?

i've taken a shower in pantyhose and been in a tub when i was about 15 it was very sexy lol

It's a lot of fun. You may find it sexually type of fun. You may think it's just silly...another type of fun. And getting in the water wearing pantyhose won't harm them. You can even wash them while you bathe...very practical. LOL!