I First Swam Naked 55 Years Ago, And I Still Love It!

Hi To My Fellow EP Memebers! Thanks for checking out my personal story about swimming naked.

My sister told me the first segment of this story years after it happened. I didn't believe her at first, but then mom confirmed it. We've spoken several times about me swimming naked as a young boy. Apparently I did it when I was between the ages of 5 - 8. Our family lived with another family in a big house in Florida. In the back yard was a big above ground pool. The pool was a consolation prize being our home did NOT have air conditioning. The other family had 2 sons: 1 was 9 months younger than me; the other one was 3 years older than me. My sister was the oldest of the 4 kids being 5 years my senior. The son who was my age and I became pals. His mother let both of her boys swim naked in the pool. My mom went along with it, and I got to swim naked, too. I honestly don't remember anything about it, or how often my sister joined us. Sis told me that the older son started weaing a suit in the pool at the start of our 3rd summer in Florida. She said that she always wore a tank suit in the pool. All 4 parents used the pool often as it was brutally hot in the summer. My sister said that the parents wore suits in the pool, at least when us kiids were around. She said that Bobby and me always were naked. Funny, I don't recall being naked. I remember the pool, though. It was blue. After I turned 8, we moved north, and I didn't swim without a swimsuit until I was a young adult.

I grew up in an era where all boys changed for gym class in the locker room and took showers in the big, open gang shower. None of us had any issues with being modest. None of us cared. Nudity was always comfortable for me in an appropriate setting. Yet, once I was in my early 20s, I occasionally pushed the envelope. Some of my friends and I decided to make our apartment complex pool swimsuit optional late one night after we had a few drinks. It was great. The guys were chasing the girls around in the pool. We were laughing and having a blast! This was back in the mid '70s in Scottsdale, AZ. We did it a few times after 9:00 and got away with it. It was fun being naked with my friends. It would have been better in the middle of the day, but that wasn't an option.

Tubing down the Salt River east of Phoenix was always a good time on a hot summer day. There were numerous occcasions that I slid off my Speedo and wrapped it around my wrist. I'd float for hours naked. There were a few times that I got flipped on the rapids and had to swim back to my tube. Other tubers noticed my clothes-free butt bobbing in the air and cheered me on. There was a place where we could climb up on the cliffs and jump into the river. Some of the girls took their tops off before they jumped, much to the delight of the guys floating by. Not to be outdone, My friend and I took of our swimsuits and jumped off totally bare. Fortunately, nothing happened to our cashews. It felt so good to be in the water with nothing on, and no one had a problem with it..

A friend of mine and I drove to San Diego one weekend in August back in the late '70s. We had heard of Black's Beach, and wanted to check it out. After a hike down the cliffs, there it was. Mostly everyone was naked. We wasted no time and removed all of our clothes. Being in the ocean naked was even better than being in a pool or the river. It was the ultimate freedom! I had no problem walking around the beach or lying on my back relaxing amongst hundreds of people. It just felt right.

In the late '80s, I moved from AZ to San Diego. I became a regular at Black's and love going there whenever I can. I went there this March when we had an unusually warm day. I look forward to the ocean warming up and spending time there on the weekends. It's only 7 miles away from my home!

We were born into this world without clothes. There should be places where people can go in every town and enjoy that freedom of swimming naked.

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Great story. I love swimming nude and do it whenever possible. In fact I like being nude any chance I can. I have a nice little secluded 6 acres of land, mostly woods with a small clearing that I will be enlarging, and spend some nice days walking in the woods and laying out in the sun nude. It is a wonderful feeling. I have tried to find a nudist/naturist camp, resort or beach around where I live withuout much success but I have heard of a spot on a river in Vermont, next state over, where people have sort of created a clothing optional area so I am hoping to visit it soon.