Swimming Naked In Hotel Pool

I like swimming naked, naturally outdoors is great fun and ultimately my favourite, but a Hotel pool can have quite a frisson of excitement. One time I was staying at a hotel with my partner in the English North Country and as was my custom arose early on the first morning. I seem to think we had enjoyed some protracted intimacy the previous night and she was sleeping peacefully as I gathered up a towel, and some swimming shorts I had no particular intention of wearing. She stirred and was not in the least surprised to see me preparing for a morning swim. I kissed her on the cheek and whispered that I’d be back before breakfast and left her to her slumbers. She little suspecting that for what I had in mind, I had to be finished before breakfast commenced serving.
I went down to the pool and keyed in the security code I’d got the night before when reconnoitring. The pool was just the sort of modest size and depth I’d expect for a family hotel, there were a few discarded towels left from the previous evening which in hindsight may have signalled that there was little prospect of staff taking any interest in this area with breakfast coming up within the hour. I didn’t waste time, or get my shorts wet, but ******** immediately and sat at the edge of the pool with my legs dangling and surveyed the scene, There was a window overlooking the city below, and a higher window looking down from the dining area to the pool. I started swimming on my front and on my back, enjoying the naked sensation of water against my body.
From time to time I glanced up to the large dining room window, and continued swimming a few lengths then resting intermittently. The water was warm enough, but still cool enough to shrink my manhood (yes, I’ve heard the jokes about it swelling up in the cold!) so I started to play with myself to make it a bit bigger. When this was successful I stood for a minute at the side of the pool caressing myself to full hardness before doing a couple of lengths on my back and a couple on my front. Drying off quite shamelessly at the side of the pool using one of the Hotel towels; I pulled on my jeans and shirt before returning to the room and my lovely partner and equally welcome shower. This didn’t take long so we still had a good choice of tables in the dining room, so I suggested one at the end with the window overlooking the pool. From time to time over breakfast I gazed down to the pool where I had been exercising and cavorting naked just half an hour previously.
I have done this sort of thing several times in Hotels, as often as opportunity has offered and I have dared. The sea still gets my vote though streams and small (UK) rivers can be very pleasant for paddling, wading and swimming.

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Very daring

I also have enjoyed being nude for a swim in a hotel pool. I love getting an erection and the feel of it hardness as you swim through the water. Great feeling! Great story.It brought back good memories for me. Keep enjoying those nude swims.