Swimming In The Nude

Ilove to go for nude swims in lakes, rivers or the sea. My favourite place to go swimming is in rivers . I like to find a quiet spot  to get naked and go for a skinny dip. It's great on a warm summers day, the feeling of the cool water against my naked body it's wonderful!!! I would recommend it to anyone, go on give it a try you'll love it like I do. Naturism is such a liberating relaxing lifestyle and will soon make friends with other like minded people. Don't worry of you encounter "textile" people when you are naked outdoors, i've not had any problems with non naturists. They usually have a quick look and carry on about their business. I think most people tolerate the naturists of this world, but there are people out there who would make a big fuss if they encountered nudies in public. This is the 21st century public nudity should be tolerated on beaches and in the countryside. Most European countries have a liberal attitude toward public nudity. The naked body in public should not be hidden away as something disgusting, we all know what the human body looks like , so what's the problem.
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Jul 29, 2010