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Decades ago we visited my sister-in-law's house in Florida. They had an in-ground pool, so one evening, while swimming alone, I doffed the trunks and just skinny-dipped. No-one else joined in, unfortunately. Her husband was a stick in the mud, and my wife was not feeling well.
billybcgn25 billybcgn25 56-60, M 3 Responses Oct 18, 2011

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My older brother's first real motorcycle was a '66 Bonneville. One could always distinguish a British Twin, be it Trump, Matchless, Norton, or BSA. Good memories.

Yep, skinny dipping is the best, with or without friends.

I like your avatar, I have a few old relics myself, but no Triumphs.

great feeling isn't it! The best acutally.