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In Laws...

Decades ago we visited my sister-in-law's house in Florida. They had an in-ground pool, so one evening, while swimming alone, I doffed the trunks and just skinny-dipped. No-one else joined in, unfortunately. Her husband was a stick in the mud, and my wife was not feeling well.
billybcgn25 billybcgn25 61-65, M 7 Responses Oct 18, 2011

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I love swimming naked.. so refreshing and very arousing too

You never know who's up for swimming nude, and yes sometimes it does surprise us. And after a while its just as natural as being nude.

Skinny dipping is the only way to swim. I do it as often as I can. When I was a kid I used to skinny dip in my parents pool at night after they had gone to bed. Now I generally do it at swimming holes in the woods.

I was totally surprised that one of my friends and my wife started Hot tubing nude, she was single and invited us to hot tub with her and we decided to go nude and that started our nude hot tubing with our friend.

My older brother's first real motorcycle was a '66 Bonneville. One could always distinguish a British Twin, be it Trump, Matchless, Norton, or BSA. Good memories.

Yep, skinny dipping is the best, with or without friends.

I like your avatar, I have a few old relics myself, but no Triumphs.

great feeling isn't it! The best acutally.