Wishing For A Dance Partner

I learned when i was really, really young. We just always danced at my Grams house. Outside on the veranda, or sometimes inside in the little dining room . (It was a big house, boarding house big)

I always danced, as I grew up I thought it was something everyone did. Then I found out  that not many did.

I have had a few in the distant past that thought it looked cool, and they tried. I have a permanently broken toe to show for those attempts. A sprained ankle or two, but...kudos, they did try. It's a work out and a half, good for the cardio. LOL. But a lot of the ones that did try ran out of gas early. (My toes are grateful).

My husband didn't, neither of them. I had almost forgotten how.

But then I ran into someone who knew. He had been waiting for a partner for thirty years...and we danced.

And danced,

If I hadn't been in love with him already that would have sealed the deal.

But, he passed away, and I seem to be short a dance partner, again.

But now I manage a step or two when no one is peeking. I may be dancing alone under the moon, but I'm still dancing. :D

Tzech Tzech
46-50, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

I belly dance too. been doing that for a few years. that's fun too. :)