Her First Time

My wife and I enjoyed good sex and my wife loved to eat **** and swallow my come. I had suggestws to my wife that I would like to watch her **** other men but could never get her to commit. One day we were invited to attend a party given by a friend of mine. I knew my friend was into swaping and when we arrived at his house we were introduced to another couple. The couple was a blond woman about 32 years old with big ****. The man was about 35 years old and good looking. We sat around drinking for about two hours and my wife became very drunk. The man got up and asked my wife if she would like to see the rest of the house. My wife said yes and followed him into a bedroom. My friend told me that the man was going to try to **** my wife. WE continued to drink and the blond came over and asked me if I wanted to see her ****. I pulled her sweater off and she was wearing no bra. her **** were about 38d and as i was sucking them she reached for my ****. she pulled mt **** out and went down on it as my friend and his wife watched. eventually I shot my wad in her mouth. an hour had passed and my wife had not returned. I went looking for her and found her in a bedroom . She was naked and so was the man she was with. She was on top of the man riding his ****. This was my wifes favorite position and the man was playing with her ****. My wife looked at me and I told her to give him a good *******. She lowered herself, still on top, and told the man to **** me hard and fast. He started ******* my wife as fast as he could and then she started yelling faster, faster and she started coming. She got off and started to eat his **** which I noticed was 10 or 11 jnches. My wife was an expert at swallowing ***** and she started taking the entire **** down her throat and then swallowing. I could tell the man was enjoying the blow job. My wife told him she wanted to eat and swallow his wad. The man arched his back and started shooting his come in my wifes mouth. When he finished my wife sucked him dry and licked his **** clean. I had a hard on from watchimg and pulled my clothes off and told my wife to eat me. She started giving me a blow job and after a little while told me she wanted some *******. By thus time my friend was also in the room and I told mywife to blow me and after I shot my wads he would **** her. WHEn I shot off my wife looked at my friend and the other man and said I want bouth of you at the same time. My wife then sucked both ***** till they were hard and then told my friend to lay down. She got on top and put hts **** in her ***** and bent over and told the other man to put his **** in her ***. They started ******* my wife and she started coming in a short while.I decided to join in and got on the bed and had her start sucking my ****. We all took turns using different positions. My wife was still coming and eventually told us she had had enough ****. WE contined changing positions and when we were ready to come we got off and had her take our loads in her mouth. When we left the party my wife said if she hadknown how much fun swapping was she would have tried it earlier. Needless to say after that we became swappers on a regular basis


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