Love em and I collect them 😁
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Do you know how to use them? Just curious. My husband and I have a pretty impressive collection ourselves and have been fencing partners for years. Some edged, some not, some costume, some practice blades, and some just for the heck of it.

Some what I have fenced but a lot of these are really expensive and rare so I don't play with them lol

Awe, your missing half the fun. Any decent, well made blade should be able to handle it. Every loved blade has a few nicks in it in our home. Not using a blade is like having a sail boat and keeping it in harbor ;)

True but when you spend about a total of $46,000 you see things differently lol

Yep, we've put a pretty penny into our gear in the past but a new home and baby kind of put a kink into that type of thing.. Side note, where on earth does a young girl like you get that kind if money? Or better yet (prepare for a mum in 3..2..1) why are you not putting it away for school?

Well I would get one from my parents as a birthday gift I don't like to say this but I guess u could say my parents are well off and are paying for school

One each birthday*

Nice gifts, swords and school! Take advantage of this time to put away what you can (there goes that darn mum in me again;) do you attend festivals? We attend Renaissance Festivals, even has a Renaissance wedding (but not at the festival, kept it classy, not a spectacle). Hubby was a history teacher. What brought you into the world of sharp forged things?

My pappa owned a katana and I fell in love with it it was given to me after he passed

I'm sorry for your loss. Is the Katana real or show? We have a few of each. Lovely blades, different fighting technique. Love using the saya.. Funny thing that I'm not as fond of the bokken.

Most are real some are show

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