Better Than Guns

hi. i can honestly say that i love swords. i've never been a big fan of guns because you rely on the power of the gun and not your own strength.

i first got interested in swords when i was young. my uncle was a major lover of the renassainc period and loved to collect all sorts of weapons and swords. he didn't have a single gun in his collection.

one day i picked up a sword(double edged knights templar) and to feel the weight of the blade, the feel of the hilt. it got me hooked. i dont have any swords now but i want to get my hands on sharp objects. i learned how to throw knives and even how to shoot, but nothing compares to the feeling of the hilt in your hands and the chopping of the target dummy in front of you.
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3 Responses Nov 4, 2012

I must agree I'm making a sword starting tomorrow but you can make a sword with out a forge just go to and look for swords and shields and find how to make a sword without a forge

I don't have anything against guns, I think they are awesome in fact. I'm just personally more comfortable using a sword and am admittedly a terrible shot.

You're right. People have become way too dependent on guns. Swords and bow and arrows are the bomb!!!

Again, to be fair, they rely on firearms because they work. Plus their is as much a world of difference between squeezing a trigger and actually being able to shoot accurately; as their is being the Star Wars Kid and being an actual sword fighter.