It's All About Keeping Your Edge . . .

From the first time I watched Highlander both the movies and the television series to watching the Three Musketeers - I've been a undercover sword fanatic. There's somethig noble and humble yet dangerous and outright barbaric about swords. I think duels are a great and fair way to settle one's differences. It's not about the first shot but rather about skill and who wants it more. There's been so many great movies: the Highlander series on TV & the movies, Robert Roy, Conan, The Viking Sagas, Red Sonya, Invincible, the James Bond movie with Halle Berry whose title escapes me at the current moment. What's arguably scary is just how easy it is to acquire swords these days. They want to check you for taser on Ebay but swords and suddenly all kosher. I do intend to own a few swords in the future. That's a promise, I've always seen myself as a dark knight of the modern variety and no I am not talking about Batman.

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Whenever I see a swordfight on TV I imagine myself as one of the duelers. How long would I survive? How long would I be able to last without messing up? Swords are infinitely more better than guns.

Awesome =) i love swords. I think they are much fairer than guns. As you say skill is needed i would rather face to face combat with swords than just shooting into the distance with a gun =)